Best Honeymoon Destinations In The UK

United Kingdom … no name could have been more appropriate! My friend, Aaron who owns Pedleys Solar went here on their honeymoon and described it as a Kingdom of beauties, set of breathtaking landscapes, somewhat different cultures gathered in a single nation contributing to the beauty of the territory and the peoples who inhabit it …

An infinity of castles, one more beautiful than the other that remind us of the immense history of the British people, lakes and mountains create an enchanting wonder in the eyes of those who visit them, places worth living, modern cities that can offer everything.

The fascinating places are many in Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland all wonderfully beautiful places!

What about the best honeymoon destinations in the UK?

In the choice I would leave out what is obvious: London. Capital for “excellence” fantastic modern city with an infinite number of things to see and visit …

In a hypothetical trip to Great Britain we cannot fail to visit one of the most beautiful national parks in the English territory: “Lake District”.

Here you can go hiking, taking photos, outdoor adventures, canoeing or cycling, the pubs are welcoming with home-made food and excellent beer and you can also visit the houses of famous poets or take a “ride” by steam train.

What about “Bath”? Many classify it as the most beautiful city in the kingdom with its fantastic local spas, hot water and whirlpool…the “Jane Austen Center” and the “Bath Assembly Rooms”. T

he Georgian ballrooms are the settings of his stories such as “Persuasion” and “Northanger Abbey”.

Do you want to see one of the many paradises? One of the most suggestive is certainly “South Dorset”. Very famous is the “Jurassic Coast” which starts from “East Devon” to “Old Harry Rocks”, near Swanage in Dorset. Headlands were formed millions of years ago, during the Triassic period, as well as fossils.

Here the landscapes are incredible; then “Durdle Door”, an arched faraglione on one of the most beautiful beaches in Dorset.

Speaking of cities, how can you not visit Bristol and Brighton?

Bristol famous for festivals such as the “Harbor Fest weekend” that offers endless fun, or the splendid “International Balloon Fiesta” which sees hundreds of hot air balloons invade the sky; Brighton famous for its markets, graffiti, buskers, the Brighton Pride and “The Lanes”, a series of cobbled streets famous for their uniquely styled shops and restaurants.

How not to pay a visit to Wales at the fantastic “Pistyll Rhaeadr Falls”; It is no secret that in Wales there are some of the most suggestive landscapes in the United Kingdom.

With the highest jump in the whole of the UK, the waterfall is surrounded by the Berwyn mountains and numerous hills that are worth exploring.

Impossible not to mention The “Scottish Highlands”, a true beauty paradise, it seems to be inside one of the most beautiful naturalistic paintings. On the Isle of Skye stands “Dun Ringill”, an Iron Age fort. Strathaird is almost deserted and therefore offers uninterrupted views of the most splendid sunsets.

Who doesn’t know Robin Hood and his adventures? Here you can visit the “Sherwood Forest” made famous precisely in its stories and where you can relax in one of the many luxury chalets.

Very impressive are the “Cheddar Caves” (Somerset), with its impressive stalactites and stalagmites and where the oldest skeleton in Great Britain was found.

Another pearl is the “Isles of Scilly”, an archipelago off the south-western tip of Cornwall that hosts incredible wildlife, pristine landscapes, uncrowded panoramas and night skies crowded with stars … and how to miss the “Finghal Caves” in Scotland?

Consisting entirely of hexagonal basalt columns, it is located on a deserted island and accessible only by sea. The cave is famous for its extraordinary natural acoustics: in fact, thanks to its size and naturally arched structure, associated with the echo of the waves, it produces an atmosphere similar to a cathedral.

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